It has been a hive of industry over in the Bumble Bell camp and with summer fast approaching and the wedding season already upon us the necessity to launch our lovely website has been pressing to say the least! We’ve finally done it – Bumble Bell is live and we’re buzzing!

It would only be polite to give you a quick introduction to the team:

Queen Bee, thats me, Sam. I’m responsible for the this Bumble Bell extravaganza and have put my heart into creating a hive of stylish and comfortable excellence that we can offer to you.

The Builder Bee (AKA The Muscle) is Alex who is ready for action ,always hungry and responsible for building the hives. In the words of Charles Darwin ‘the honeycomb is a masterpiece of engineering.

Then there is Nicky, the Forager, who loves the spring and seeking out beautiful new venues for us to pitch our lovely bell tents in!

The best bit is, a little like bees, we greet each other with our own little dance, we love a dance and each event we do is a whole heap of fun!

We hope you enjoy reading our updates See you soon, Buzz buzz for now x