HOUGHTON FESTIVAL 2024: Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions shall apply to all transactions conducted in association with the booking and rental at Houghton Festival 2024 (Thu, 8 Aug 2024 – Sun, 11 Aug 2024) and Houghton Festival 2024 Boutique Camping accommodation, during this period.

Please ensure you read and understand them before processing your order. Please print a copy for your future reference. By renting Houghton Festival 2024 Boutique Camping accommodation, you are agreeing to and will be bound by these BUMBLE Tents & Events Ltd terms and conditions.


HOUGHTON FESTIVAL 2024 is the Event, Bumble Tents & Events Ltd, are the appointed agent, service provider, and booking agent for the Houghton Festival 2024 F&F Boutique Camping accommodation.

Bumble Tents & Events Ltd is a registered company in the United Kingdom (registration number: 10704065), whose Registered Office is: 54 Windmill Drive, Brighton, BN1 5HJ Telephone: +44 (0) 7782 11 33 04. Email: sam@bumblebell.co.uk or hil@bumblebell.co.uk

Festival accommodation means any structure, enclosure, or unit available for rental from the HOUGHTON FESTIVAL Camping webpage on the website bumblebell.co.uk/Houghton-festival

Equipment relates to any physical item either provided as and/or within a standard package or purchased with the specified Festival accommodation including accommodation structure e.g. flooring, mat/rug, table, bed, lighting, mattresses, cushions, blankets, decorative hangings, plants, linen and towels.

It is important to understand that in these terms and conditions “you” and “your” are references to any person purchasing/hiring Houghton Festival 2024 F&F Boutique Camping accommodation and or equipment and “we”, “our”, “us” and “ours” are references to The Houghton Festival 2024 Boutique Camping and Bumble Tents & Events Ltd and “the site” and “the event” refers to the Houghton Festival. Bumble Tents & Events staff refers to those working in liaison with/under Houghton Festival, within the Bumble Tents & Events and Boutique Camping area of the site.

Booking, Payment and Confirmation

All bookings for Houghton Festival 2024 F&F Boutique Camping accommodation and equipment will be taken and managed by Bumble Tents & Events Ltd who are the only authorised agent for these bookings. All bookings must be made online via the Bumble Tents & Events Ltd. booking form.

Payment is to be made in full and you will receive booking confirmation by email. Bookings are only confirmed once full payment has been received by Bumble Tents & Events Ltd.


All bookings for Houghton Festival 2024 Boutique Camping accommodation, DO NOT INCLUDE festival entry tickets. You must buy a festival ticket or be on the Guest list and everyone must purchase a F&F Boutique car parking ticket in addition. (1 car parking ticket needed per car). All festival tickets can be purchased on Houghton Festival website houghtonfestival.co.uk

Responsibilities & Damages

  • Within the agreement you are responsible for both checking in and checking out of your accommodation.
  • You are responsible for the maintenance and safe custody of your Houghton Festival 2024 accommodation and all the equipment provided for the duration of the rental period and until checking out on the day of departure.
  • You agree not to use cooking or other gas appliances of any kind inside your accommodation. You also agree not to use naked flames or any other heating equipment inside your accommodation.
  • You agree not to smoke inside the tent and also agree not to have any pets inside the tent unless it is a guide dog.
  • Neither Bumble Tents & Events Ltd nor the event will be held responsible for any loss or damages incurred by the use or misuse of the Houghton Festival 2024 Boutique Camping accommodation you have rented, howsoever caused.
  • Neither Bumble Tents & Events Ltd. nor the Event will be held responsible in the case of theft of personal items, injury, or death. As you will be fully liable for any damage caused to the Houghton Festival 2024 Boutique Camping accommodation and or equipment provided with your accommodation you have hired you may wish to purchase your own insurance to cover this.
  • Please note that Bumble Tents & Events Ltd is not responsible for any of the site facilities provided by the Houghton Festival

Arrivals, Departure and Access

  • Your Houghton Festival 2024 Boutique Camping accommodation will be erected and prepared ready for your arrival and as per your booking confirmation.
  • You will be able to access the Houghton Festival and the Bumble Tents & Events Ltd Boutique Camping accommodation areas, as detailed on the official Houghton Festival 2024 website houghtonfestival.co.uk

Check In: Thursday August 8th 2024 from 12pm

  • When you arrive at the F&F/Artist Boutique entrance, you will need to go to the F&F/Artist box office and either show your festival ticket or ID to be checked of the guests list in order to get your festival wristband. You will then head to the reception tent and we will check you in and show you to your tent.
  • Your tent will be clearly labelled with your name; please can you zip up your tent on departure and take your rubbish with you.
  • It is your responsibility to check that the accommodation and equipment provided corresponds to your booking and to notify a member of the Bumble Tents & Events Ltd crew if anything is missing/faulty/incorrect at the time of check in. Retrospective claims are not possible.

Check Out: by 10am on Monday 12th August 2024

  • You must vacate your accommodation by the official departure time, as detailed on the Houghton Festival 2024 website houghtonfestival.co.uk
  • Failure to check out by this time may result in an additional charges. You must inform the Bumble Tents & Events Ltd crew when checking out of your accommodation, and a member of the crew will check your accommodation. Any damaged, missing or broken items will be identified at this time.
  • You agree to pay, in full, any extra costs to cover replacement or repair of any item/s which is/are damaged, stolen or broken.


Cancellation & Refunds

  • Boutique Camping will be following the same timelines and conditions as Houghton Festival.
  • We may cancel for reasons outside our control, including government guidelines regarding campsites and Covid-19, weather, problems with sites, cancellation of events and force majeure.
  • In the instance that we cancel the event, your Booking Fee will be fully refundable less a 10% administration and banking fee.
  • This is applicable to any cancellation or refund. Notice of cancellation of the booking by you in writing, must be provided to Bumble Tents & Events Ltd.
  • Cancellation of your booking is only confirmed, when written confirmation from BUMBLE Tents & Events Ltd has been provided and received by you.


  • Should the guest wish to terminate their booking contract then the following compensation rates will be charged to the guest by the Bumble Tents & Events Ltd.
  • If the event is rescheduled, changed or moved, we, Bumble Tents & Events Ltd will give you the option of either retaining your booking at the existing purchase price and rolling across to the alternative event date or, receiving a refund within 180 days from the original event date.
  1. Once a structure has been booked, any cancellation from the time of booking up until 90 days prior to the event, will incur a 20% charge of the Boutique Camping ticket price.
  2. Any cancellations within 90 – 60 days of the event will be subject to a 50% refund.
  3. Any cancellations within 60 – 45 days of the event will be subject to a 25% refund.
  4. Cancellations of less than 45 days prior to your arrival will forfeit the cost of your Booking.

Force Majeure

Every effort will be made by Bumble Tents & Events Ltd to carry out any booking. This is subject to variation or cancellation upon the following; act of god, war, strikes, riots, lockouts or any other disturbances such as fire, flood, storm, gale, and tempest restrictions on the use of transport, fuel or power or any other cause beyond the control of the owner.

Additional Points

  • You can only use your accommodation for the days specified by your festival camping ticket(s).
  • For further information, please refer to our FAQ’s at www.bumblebell.co.uk
  • If you have special accessibility requirements, please email us on hil@bumblebell.co.uk before booking.
  • Bell tent tickets are in addition to festival entrance tickets. You will not be granted access to the festival or the campsite without a festival ticket. These can be purchased at houghtonfestival.co.uk
  • If you have any queries regarding festival tickets and access please contact the HOUGHTON FESTIVAL directly
  • Only the advertised number of people specified for your tent size and stated in your booking can stay in the accommodation.
  • Party by day and rest by night – please respect your neighbours and please keep the noise down after midnight.
  • No gazebos to be bought into the Boutique Camping area.
  • Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult 18+.
  • All images are of expected delivered accommodations – but please be advised final products may be subject to some minor changes (for example in furniture colouring or exact layout) depending on exact availability.
  • All Boutique Camping structures are strictly No Smoking.
  • No naked flames are permitted within the Boutique Camping festival accommodation.
  • For further information, please refer to our FAQ’s at www.bumblebell.co.uk