How big are your tents?

Most of our tents are 5m Bell Tents that all come with zipped in ground sheets. The sleeping formations vary for each booking but our prices do include beds for up to 4 people. We also have 6m bell tents and emperor tents available.

How many people can you sleep in your tents?

Our 5m tents can sleep up to 6 but we recommend keeping it at 4 adults so that you have ample room for your luggage and to move around.
Our 6m tent can sleep up to 8, we’ve squeezed in 9 before!
Our Emperor tent can accommodate 8 – 10.

Are the Bell Tents warm?

First of all we want you to be comfortable and cosy. The bedding packs include substantial duvets, pillows, cosy blankets and throws. We provide the full glamping experience but remember it’s still camping and if it’s cold outside we recommend you bring some extra layers to sleep in just incase.

Are the Bell Tents waterproof?

Absolutely yes. Our canvas tents have been treated and also come with zipped in ground sheets. There are also windows in the tents it’s important to be sure to fully zip them up in the event of bad weather and when you check out.

Do we need to bring anything else with us?

We have offer different packages so hopefully there is something to suit everyone. Please double check which package you have booked in advance though as some of our packages are fully furnished and include bedding packages and some do not come with bedding. We always advise an extra layer just incase the temperature drops.

Is there power in the tent?

Any lighting we provide is battery powered unless previously specified. We do have power packs available to hire which have a universal plug and two usb ports – feel free to contact us for more information.

Can we bring our pets?

Sorry – we say No pets in our tents except for guide dogs.

Can we cook inside the tent?

Sorry – No cooking or naked flames are permitted inside our tents. Any cooking must be done away from our structures.

Can we smoke inside the tents?

We have a strict No Smoking policy for our tents.

How will I know which tent is mine?

All our tents are numbered and you will be allocated a number before your arrival by our team or by your hosts.

Do insects ever get into the tents?

Glamping is essentially camping the difference being that in most cases you are in a tent that has been furnished by us. All our tents are pitched outside and so that means that almost certainly there will be insects that will find their way into your tent at some point throughout your stay. This is unfortunately out of our control and we can accept no liability for the presence of animals and insects nor can we offer any compensation. In order to avoid flies, insects and bugs we suggest leaving your tent zipped up at all times. 

Do you offer any other event support?

Yes we do! We have event managers and wedding planners within our team so you can hire our services to support you with the event process. Other areas we can support you with is power supplies, large structures, festival flags, concierge service, toilet and shower hire and catering options.

Do you offer any bigger structures?

Yes, we have a partner company that provides stunning Tipis, stretch tents and alternative canvas marquee options so do let us know what you need and we can go from there.

What about toilets and showers?

So we have partner companies that we work with that can provide toilets and shower units for your event. It’s important to have enough toilets on site and if you are doing more than a one night stay you might want to think about providing some shower facilities for your guests.

Is there anything else we need to think about when booking a Bell Tent Hotel?

There are a number of practical considerations you need to take into account before you build you glamping village. If you think about it carefully at the beginning you will have a great party, happy guests and hopefully no hiccups!

Good access to the camping site is crucial – we have a lot of equipment and our stock is very heavy so we will need to take our vehicles directly to the area we will be erecting the tents. If we cannot access the site with our vehicles then we may not be able to build the bell tent village.

The land must be cleared of animals and all animal waste in advance of us getting to site. Again, if the site is not clear the tents cannot go up.

Make sure that when you are choosing your glamp-site ask the right questions and make sure the land is not too marshy or prone to being water logged in the event of heavy rain.

Last but not least, we are efficient and once we get started we will steam on until everything is finished and ready for your event. That said we ask for realistic parameters; it is very important to factor in the ‘build’ time into your venue agreement. Please leave us enough time at either end of your event to get our job done properly.

Do you collect any information from me and what happens to that information?

Bumble Newsletter

If you have registered for one of our newsletters or made a request for information about our Events or services, we will collect your name and contact details.


If you make a purchase with us (whether it’s for an Event ticket, Event package or any other goods and/or services) we will collect any information necessary to provide you with your purchase and fulfil our services. 

For example:

We’ll typically ask for your name, age, email address, account password, date of birth, and payment details so we can process your booking, purchase and deliver your any particular requirements you may have. In order to gain access to an Event: this may mean providing us with information about your physical health or similarly sensitive information;

If there are circumstances where we need to verify your age for entry to an Event or for fraud prevention and detection, we will ask for proof of identity and age (such as a driver’s licence or passport); and We may (if applicable), collect additional information specifically relevant to the goods and/or services that you are hiring/purchasing. For example: if you book accommodation or if you choose a glamping experience we might need your credit card details for your damage deposit.

Health and welfare

If you ever need to visit one of the health and welfare tents or facilities at one of our Events, you might need to give certain health or medical information which may be considered sensitive information. Sometimes, these services will be managed by a third party at the Event and not us, in which case we won’t have control or visibility of the information you give and our Privacy and Cookies Statement won’t apply.


If you contact us through our live chat functionality on our website (if applicable), through one of our online forms, or via our social media channels, by phone or email, we may keep a copy or record of that correspondence.

Social Media, Information you post online and/or reviews

We might collect information relating to any social media posts or comments you share online about our Events that are in the public domain (for instance, if you leave a review about our accommodation, glamping experience and events on a third-party social media site such as Facebook or Instagram). If you choose to leave a comment or review on one of our social media official pages (such as through our Facebook, twitter or Instagram accounts), we may well use this information to respond to your posts. 

We are not in control of these third-party platforms and you should always refer to their privacy notices if you want to know more about how they use the information you share online.

We use appropriate technological and security measures to protect your information against any unauthorised access or unlawful use. However, transmission of information over the internet can be sometimes be insecure, this means we are unable to completely guarantee the security of information sent over the internet.

We will need to keep your information for as long as is necessary to provide you with the services that you have requested from us, to market to you (if applicable), to enforce and/or defend our legal rights, or in accordance with any legal obligations to which we might be subject.

How do you wash your bedding?

We take cleanliness very seriously. All our bedding is sent to a professional launderette and washed at +70 degrees. Our bedding is stored in a dry room and we regularly replace and update our stock.